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Auto Accidents

So you've had a car accident. Your neck hurts, you can't work, your life is in turmoil...and there's an insurance adjuster on the phone asking you a million questions, and trying to get you to agree to the tiny amount they want to pay you!

What do you do? Where can you turn for help? Here are the first step to do once you've been in an auto accident:

  • Do not give a sworn statement under oath until you have an attorney
  • Do not accept a settlement from the insurance adjuster until speaking to an attorney
  • The insurance company lawyers work for the insurance companies interest, NOT YOURS!
  1. Obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  2. Report the accident immediately to the police and your insurance company.
  3. Cooperate with the police in preparing an accident report.
  4. Photograph the exterior and interior of the autos involved in the accident.
  5. Call our office before filling out insurance documents or giving recorded statements to any insurance company or meeting with any insurance company representative.
  6. See a physician without delay if you are experiencing any pain
  7. Photograph your injuries.
  8. Gather all automobile insurance policies in your household for evaluation by an attorney.
  9. Call our office before signing any check or document form any insurance company.

Use Caution in Discussing the Accident!

Do not talk to anyone about the accident other than your attorney and the police. Do not talk to a representative of another insurance company under any circumstances, without the knowledge of your attorney. If representatives from other insurance companies should call you, be polite, but ask them to call Papa and Gipe to arrange for an interview. Also, get the representative's name and number, and tell us that someone seeking information about your accident has contacted you.

Be Wary of Early Settlement Offers

Be careful if you are offered a settlement from any insurance company. Make sure that any physical injuries you may have suffered have been treated, and that you have a doctor's prognosis. Some injuries may not show up or reach their greatest level of discomfort until many days, weeks, or months after the accident. Don't settle a claim until you know you will be compensated for all of your injuries, and consult an attorney before signing any documents pertaining to settlement. Instead of accidentally settling to soon please give Papa and Gipe the opportunity to review your auto accident case free of charge!

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